The Vineyard Champagne Vincent Père et Fils in Romeny-sur-Marne, dans l'Aisne (02)

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The passion for wine-growing has been livening up the Vincent Père et Fils Champagne House for four generations.

Our history is constantly updated, taking into account our surroundings.

That is why our vines are grown with sustainable methods. We chose the “enherbement” (covering of crops with grass) to decrease as much as possible the use of chemical weed killer.

We also use environment-friendly methods regarding the nutritional input in organic matter as well as a decrease in phytosanitary treatments.

All those efforts are aimed at constantly maintaining and improving the quality of our wine.

Our range of champagnes is produced in this state of mind: Tradition, Demi-sec, Rosé, Réserve or Blanc de Blancs.

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